THINK LIKE A PUBLICIST: How to diagnose the real news in your business

April 29, 2019

It might surprise you what journalists will and won’t consider news. Something you believe is a shoo-in for a Forbes cover, may not actually be that newsworthy. And something you would never have considered worth mentioning to the media – with the right angle and framework – could be JUST what they’re looking for. If…

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Get Free Publicity for Your Business Using These Tools

March 26, 2019

So, you’re finally ready to take the PR plunge but may not have the budget yet to engage an agency. You may be launching a new business or looking for some free media exposure for your brand. Wherever you are in your business journey, there is no denying that publicity will help take your business…

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Kickstart PR For Your Business

February 5, 2019

January has come to a close, and the buzz of ‘new beginnings’ has started to die down. However, if you are like us, you are feeling more determined than ever to achieve your goals and make sure that 2019 is one for the books. This month is the first full working month of the year,…

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Headline Hacks: How To Write Headlines That POP In A Crowded Inbox

January 13, 2019

The average journalist receives over 200 emails, media alerts and press releases EACH DAY. A recent study discovered that the time spent reviewing each press release is less than 60 seconds! Your headline (which should also be your email subject line) can be THE deciding factor in getting you coverage. This means it is essential…

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