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Pitch Like A Publicist

The struggle to gain brand exposure is REAL. Pitch It Like A Publicist is perfect for you if you know that PR will skyrocket your business but have no idea where to start or how to communicate with the media. This PITCH process is the exact process used to get press coverage in major media outlets worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the members of Pitch Like A Publicist and all the testimonials I've seen so successful?

Pitch Like A Publicist was specifically crafted with the female entrepreneur in mind. It focuses solely on creating your winning pitch (aka your key to the media kingdom). I have included ONLY the essential information based on my experience of over a decade in the industry and hundreds of press hits.

Pitch Like A Publicist is different. YOU are different. This course shows you how to pitch your brand for press coverage based on the VISION you’ve created for you.  With this course, you get the EXACT steps necessary to execute your customized plan.

I don’t have a team. Will this be too much work for me?

As you'll quickly learn, I highly recommend attracting the right people to support you as you realize the VISION for your business. However, most of my students do get their results while "flying solo." Approaching Pitch Like A Publicist without a team won't be too much work, it will simply mean you will move at a different pace. It’s catered for those with little or no teams.

I struggle with confidence and putting myself out there before everything is ‘perfect’. Will this help?

You and me both! YES! I can help you break through any fear or worry about perfectionism, rejection, or criticism. A pitch does not need to be perfect to convert. Nor will it be the final copy printed in a publication. It is merely the start of a conversation with a journalist.

You need to share your message with the world, and Pitch Like A Publicity will help you to do that.

Can this process guarantee publicity coverage?

No publicist can guarantee coverage. Publicity is earned and you need to do the work. What I can guarantee is that by following my PITCH process, you will have a professional, well-crafted pitch in your hands. It’s very likely that, if you have a great angle, it will result in coverage - but ultimately, the only person who can ever guarantee publicity is the publication or the writer themselves. Still, the ONLY way to get into the game is by sending that first pitch - you’ve got to be in it to win it!

I’m not a good writer or great at self-promotion, will I be able to write a pitch?

Pitch Like A Publicist was created for those who would love to get press coverage and media attention, but have no idea what to write in a pitch. If you’ve got an expertise or idea - we can turn it into a pitch. The beautiful thing about this program is that it works for any entrepreneur or small business due to the proven PITCH formula. We take you to step by step through the process AND also provide templates to make it even easier. So yes, if you’re new to writing or promoting yourself, this is 100% for you!

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