Why you should stop doing one-off social collabs
August 19, 2021

Okay, so you have a little marketing money set aside, and you plan to engage in paid influencer posts. Great, but read this first! When crafting an influencer strategy, the…

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PR and Conversions: Three Things to Know
June 14, 2021

Let’s test your knowledge of the relationship between PR and conversions for a moment. Q: Which one of the following statements best represents the true relationship between PR and conversions?…

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Top 6 Tips For Landing a TV Hit
May 5, 2021

We don’t want to give away our age, but when we started in PR, securing a TV hit was the ultimate holy grail of media placements.  Back then (in the…

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B2B Networking, Brand Partnerships & Cross Promotions
March 15, 2021

Growing your business through the power of PR and marketing is not always about Forbes covers, TV appearances, and Instagram influencer shout-outs. Now, don’t get it twisted; media and influencers…

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Leverage Your Influencer Content: How To Turn One Post Into Weeks Of Publicity
February 1, 2021

So, you managed to secure a social media post from one of your fave influencers! You made an investment, and there they are, engaging with your brand in a pic…

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8 Realistic NY Resolutions for Female Entrepreneurs
January 12, 2021

“Read more books, cook more, lose 10 lbs, cut out sugar, work out five times a week, stop binge-watching reality shows on Bravo”…  Let’s be honest: our personal new year’s…

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Top 5 Jounalist Pet Peeves
October 1, 2020

In our blog, we put a lot of effort into crafting helpful pieces that tell you how to get amazing results from your DIY PR and marketing efforts. And we…

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Handling Complaints on Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts
August 31, 2020

Self-help gurus are always telling us to block and delete negative comments from the ‘haters’ on social media. But if you’re a business, this doesn’t fly. Complaints are part of…

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How to Secure Your Own Publicity Through Guest Writing
July 13, 2020

So, you want some awesome PR for your business. You want to establish yourself as an authority in your field. You want to drive backlinks to your website, improve your…

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12 Things To Know Before You Go Live On Instagram
June 15, 2020

‘Going live’ on Instagram is all the rage. Despite being a feature on IG for a while, going live recently catapulted to popularity while the world was on quarantine. So,…

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