Leverage Your Influencer Content: How To Turn One Post Into Weeks Of Publicity

So, you managed to secure a social media post from one of your fave influencers! You made an investment, and there they are, engaging with your brand in a pic or a video posted to their legions of followers. YAS! Look at you – oh wait. The Instagram feed just refreshed. You’re gone. 

The problem is: there’s SO much content on social platforms, and these fickle thumbs of ours scroll so fast – that your moment in the spotlight may not get seen by as many eyeballs as it SHOULD. 

Which begs the question (*cue Carrie Bradshaw voice “And I couldn’t help but wonder…” ): 

In this fast-paced world of IG fame, how can you milk it? 

How can you squeeze every last drop of value from an (often expensive) influencer post? 

How can you turn your 15 minutes (or seconds) into long-lasting attention? 

How do you go from a blip on the feed to INSTA-FAMOUS? 

How did J-Lo get her skin to look like that at 50 using only the power of olive oil (IYKYK)?

Ok, that’s enough SJP-style pondering; time for some answers! 

We don’t have one for the dubious J-Lo question, but we HAVE got a list of 5 ways to leverage influencer partnerships for better PR. This list will ensure you can get the absolute most out of your influencer partnership and use it to get eyeballs and customers far beyond that one influencer’s audience. 

BUT, and it’s a big BUT…

BEFORE YOU START TICKING OFF THIS LIST…many of these tips won’t work unless you’ve already done the necessary prep work before the post went live. You’ll need to make sure you’ve put certain stipulations in your influencer contract for some of this stuff to really fly. 

If you’re thinking: “Influencer contract?! What in the name of Ally McBeal is that? I’m not a flipping lawyer, Lynn. I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur!” Don’t worry. We got you. 

Just grab our Influencer Marketing Bundle, read it cover to cover, and use the easy Influencer Contract template we provided you with. Your contract will help you lock in essential things like: 

  • getting the influencer to supply you with originals of the content
  • securing your ability to repurpose the influencer content for other uses (hint: major key for leveraging your influencer content for better PR opportunities)
  • the requirement that the influencer include certain key messages, relevant @ tags and hashtags in their caption, and post at peak days/times for maximum visibility
  • keeping the post live for a minimum of 12 months, so when people click your backlinks to check out the content (also a major key), they’ll still be able to see it

THEN once your influencer post is live without a hitch (because you’ve taken all our advice, of course), you can follow these 5 steps to turn one influencer post into potentially weeks (or even months) of PR material. 

5 ways to leverage influencer partnerships for better PR

  1. Repost the content on your brand page 

This will let your audience know that influencers are endorsing your brand, in case they missed the influencer’s own post. It might be the final push someone needed to visit your website and make that purchase they have been considering. Tag the influencer, of course, in hopes that they will engage with the post, or repost your repost – and use hashtags that will attract their audience and your target audience. 

2. Post the collab on your blog 

This is a no-brainer; it gives you great blog content, which will provide the collab a ‘searchable’ home long after the post has been archived or lost in the IG shuffle. You could even expand on the collab by doing a Q&A with the influencer or a Top 5 where the influencer essentially guest blogs on your website. You can then pitch this content to other locations! Which brings us to….

3. Pitch to local and national media 

Let the media know that influencers are loving your brand and why! Especially if you have had a few influencer posts lately – position yourself as the go-to brand for influencers. Come up with some pitch angles around your influencer and your brand, like “Chrissy Teigen’s fav new kitchen tool” or “The app that helped Kylie Jenner go plant based.” Your influencer doesn’t have to be an A-lister to make the cut – a story about micro-influencers in local media could be just as newsworthy, e.g., “Why local social media influencers are flocking to this new store.”

4. Repurpose the content and use it for ads 

If there was ever a time to put an ad spend behind something, it’s your influencer collab. Finding new audiences is excellent, but don’t forget to target their existing audience, your audience, and similar demographics. Remember: there are dark forces at work (the algorithm, the volume of content, that Olympic speed thumb scrolling) that limit the visibility of your influencer post from even their existing followers, so you want to make sure the intended audience receives your message! You can even use Facebook pixel to target people who have interacted with your posts (and are already ‘almost customers’) to get them over the line. 

5. Post on your company LinkedIn page and share on your other platforms

If the post took place on IG, don’t forget to share it on Linkedin to attract B2B partnership opportunities (or staff), plus Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and anywhere else you have a presence.